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COVID-19 Support

Educating Matters have been busier than ever, supporting companies globally during this challenging period.

Our Webinars

  • No limit on number of participants
  • We can host webinars for you or use your internal platforms and recording post webinar can be made available
  • Use a range of tools to ensure sessions are fully interactive and engaging
  • Speakers able to stay on beyond the hour to address further questions
  • All webinars followed up with comprehensive handbook of notes and further resources
  • All guidance is practical, tangible, realistic & accessible to support time poor, overwhelmed, possibly anxious employees to normalise common issues and gain instant results.

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Please click the links to see outlines of our most recent COVID-19 related webinars:

Post Covid: Normality Matters

What have we learnt and what should we hold on to?  ‘Setting up for success’ as your children transition back to normality.

Post Covid: Emotions Matter

Supporting your child’s psychological wellbeing and enabling them to feel heard and understood.

Post Covid: Motivation Matters

How to talk to any age child in a way that encourages them to be motivated, co-operative and fosters a growth mind-set.

Post Covid: Boundaries Matter

Practical tips to juggle competing priorities and identities, so that we can bring our whole self to work and carve out time for our family and ourselves.

Post Covid: Resilience Matters

How adaptable and resilient we really are and what we can begin to take from this extraordinary passage of time, for both parents and children alike.

Post Covid: Grief & Loss Matters

What it is to grieve, what this may look like individually and how all the emotions within grief web together, moving and changing rapidly.

Post Covid: Anxiety Matters

Short and long term ways to reduce anxiety so we can live happier, healthier lives.

Post Covid: Social Interaction Matters

Relearning and adjusting to being together as restrictions slowly start to ease.

Post Covid: Inclusion Matters

Challenges, opportunities and practical tips to successfully navigate the transition to a hybrid working model that is fully inclusive.

Post Covid: Success Planning Matters

Finding the best way for adults to define their new normal and move forward mindfully.

Lockdown 3.0: Work & Family Matters

Practical guidance on how to work, look after your children and attempt to home-school all at once.

Lockdown 3.0: Emotional Wellbeing Matters

Practical tools to address and support the emotional wellbeing of both parents/ carers and children.

Lockdown 3.0: Boundaries Matter

Practical tips to juggle competing priorities and identities, so that
we can work and carve out time for our family and ourselves. Applicable to all.

Lockdown 3.0: Neuro-divergence Matters

This session provides an insight into how and why some people need to care for themselves in a way that looks different to others and how the neuro-divergent brain reacts to stress.

Lockdown 3.0: Home Educating SEN Children

How to work with a child’s brain to help them maintain their learning and close the gap that covid has create, whilst having a realistic and doable schedule for maintaining productivity at work.

Lockdown 3.0: SEN Mental Health Matters

Deep dive into the best techniques for giving emotional support to our
Neuro-divergent children

Coronavirus: Communication Matters

How to get the best out of children and anyone else.

Coronavirus: Relationships Matter

How to ensure you nurture a healthy relationship, especially during lockdown.

Transition Matters: Back to School

How parents can prepare children of any age for the transition back to school.

Transition Matters : GCSE, A Level, Uni

Supporting older teens through various transition stages so they ahve the skills to learn independently, particularly if a blend of online and face-to-face learning continues in September.

Staycation Matters

No holidays abroad, summer camps or clubs. Everything working parents needs to know to enjoy a fun filled summer whilst working from home and taking care of the kids.