Rachel Vecht, a primary school teacher and mother of 4 children has devised all the ‘Educating Matters’ seminars. They are constantly evaluated and revised in line with the latest research and government education initiatives.

Throughout Rachel’s teaching career in both the state and independent sector, she was inundated by parents seeking advice on how to support their children’s learning at home. The seminars are a result of her substantial experience teaching children and addressing parents’ concerns, questions and difficulties.

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She also draws on her personal, practical experience as a working mother and appreciates that the relationship between teacher and pupil is very different to that of parent and child.

Rachel feels that as a teacher, controlling a whole school assembly of 300+ children can be easier than handling your own child’s tantrum.  The relationship between parent and child is very emotional and even though we may know in theory lots of wonderful strategies, it is far more difficult putting them into practice with your own child.

In the classroom setting, teachers can’t devote as much time as they would like to each individual child. A child’s academic development is largely dependent on lots of practice and individual support which teachers turn to parents to provide. However, parents’ good intentions can unwittingly be detrimental to their child’s progress.

Any guidance around supporting children’s education, must also consider how to encourage children to be more co-operative, motivated and self-reliant.  This is where the ‘Positive Parenting’ tools have proven to be invaluable to families.  The skills have had a tremendous impact on Rachel’s own family, enabling her to bring out the best in her children and there is no doubt that they make being a parent much less stressful and more fulfilling.

  • Primary PGCE from London University, Institute of Education
  • 7 years classroom teaching in the state and independent sector
  • University Teacher Training lecturer and mentor
  • Literacy Consultant to schools
  • Individual tutoring and assessment of children
  • Parent Governor
  • 18 years delivering ‘Educating Matters’ seminars to tens of thousands of parents in both the corporate and public sector.
  • Deliver the  extended ‘Positive Parenting’ course  for groups in North London area
  • Support hundreds of parents remotely across the UK through one-to-one telephone consultations.