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About Us

In 2001 Rachel Vecht founded ‘Educating Matters’.  She started out her career as a primary school teacher and also trained student teachers.  Throughout Rachel’s teaching career in both the state and independent sector, she was inundated by parents seeking advice on how to support their children’s learning at home. Educating Matters evolved through her substantial experience teaching children, having 4 children and addressing parents’ concerns, questions and difficulties over the last 25+ years. Read where we have been featured in the Press 

We work with and support:

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Learning & Development

  • HR teams

  • Employee Benefits

  • Employee Resource Groups & Networks

Over time the Educating Matters offering has evolved and we provide guidance and support beyond parenting, around much broader topics relating to creating diverse and inclusive cultures at work, such as: allyship, race, gender, ethnicity, mental health & wellbeing, neurodiversity,  disability, work life integration, caring, LGBTQ+ and emotional intelligence.

Meet Our Team


Rachel Vecht

Trained as a primary school teacher at the Institute of Education in London and taught in both the state & independent sector. She has also worked as a University Mentor and lecturer to student teachers. In 2001 she founded Educating Matters to provide practical support and guidance to employees at work, covering a broad range of topics including educating children, positive parenting skills, diversity and inclusion and balancing work and family. She draws on her experiences as a mother of 4. She also delivers online parenting courses, speaks in schools, writes in the national press and offers one-to-one consultations to parents globally.
She is a Genos Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing facilitator.
Rachel focuses on topics relating to educating & raising children, integrating work & family, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing.


Gwen studied Psychology at the University of Utah with a focus on child and adolescent development. She then trained to become a teacher in Special Education, working with children with severe behaviour disorders, autism and the at risk population in both the UK & US. She has trained many educators on behaviour management and cultural awareness. Gwen is a mother of 4 and has children with both autism & ADHD. Most recently, she is completing an MSc in Organisational Psychology. She has trained as a psychotherapist, family therapist and parent coach and now works with both children and parents in that capacity.
Gwen focuses on mental health, Special Educational Needs, LGBTQ+, single parents, unconscious bias, diversity, allyship, disability, blended families and bullying.


Alice has a background as a producer in corporate and commercial video and communications, working for brands such as Astra Zeneca, Virgin Money, KPMG and BP. Alice has taken courses in counselling and coaching and hopes to start a psychotherapy degree later this year.
Alice’s role at Educating Matters focuses on account management, social media and marketing.


Catherine worked in PR for Cable & Wireless Communications followed by Brand Management at the New Covent Garden Soup Company. She then specialised in digital marketing at the IoD and Robert Walters,before joining Sky in 2009 working at Exec level on major change projects. Whilst at Sky she had a child and founded Sky’s parenting network and the Women in Leadership initiative. In 2017 she left Sky to focus on her vision of creating a world of work where working parents and women in leadership can reach their full potential.
Catherine delivers guidance around work life balance, professional & work related issues.


Suzanne is an International Coach Federation certified coach. Her work includes supporting people living with long term conditions but it is her passion for seeing carers step into their full potential that is the focus of her current work. She is the co-founder and Head of Carer Support for a service that provides 1-1 coaching, virtual cuppas and an online peer support community for carers. As mum to 2 teenage girls and carer to her husband Matt, diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s 18 years ago, she holds a big focus on quality of life.
Suzanne delivers guidance and support for carers.


Daniel has been a digital marketing specialist for over 10 years running his own consultancy practice Tudor Lodge Digital and working with clients such as McDonalds’s, Groupon, Savills and Betway. He has a passion for education following his degree in Business Management and Modern Languages at the University of Nottingham and he is currently a board member of Immanuel College School in Bushey, Hertfordshire.