In 2001 Rachel Vecht founded ‘Educating Matters’.  She started out her career as a primary school teacher and also trained student teachers.  Throughout Rachel’s teaching career in both the state and independent sector, she was inundated by parents seeking advice on how to support their children’s learning at home. Educating Matters evolved through her substantial experience teaching children, having 4 children and addressing parents’ concerns, questions and difficulties over the last 25 years.

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The relationship between parent and child is very emotional (quite different to that of teacher and student) and even though we may know in theory lots of wonderful strategies, it is far more difficult putting them into practice with your own child. Being a parent is probably the hardest job in the world with the least amount of training.  Despite 25 years of experience, Rachel is certainly still learning on the job and is definitely not a ‘perfect parent’.  There is simply no such thing!!!

In the classroom setting, teachers can’t devote as much time as they would like to each individual child. A child’s academic development is largely dependent on lots of practice and individual support which teachers turn to parents to provide. However, parents’ good intentions can unwittingly be detrimental to their child’s progress.

Any guidance around supporting children’s education, must also consider how to encourage children to be more co-operative, motivated and self-reliant.  This is where the ‘Positive Parenting’ tools have proven to be invaluable to families.  The skills have had a tremendous impact on Rachel’s own family, enabling her to bring out the best in her children and there is no doubt that they make being a parent much less stressful and more fulfilling. 

Meet The Team

Rachel Vecht – Founder

Trained as a primary school teacher at the Institute of Education in London and taught in both the state & independent sector. She has also worked as a University Mentor and lecturer to student teachers.In 2001 she founded Educating Matters to provide practical parenting support and guidance to employees at work, covering a broad range of topics including educating children, positive parenting skills, diversity and inclusion and balancing work and family.She draws on her experiences as a mother of 4.She also privately delivers a ten week ‘Positive Parenting Course’ covering more general parenting issues, speaks in schools, writes in the national press and offers one-to-one consultations to parents globally.
Rachel focuses on topics relating to education and positive parenting skills.
Hannah Abrahams

Trained as a primary school teacher and then a Child &Educational Psychologist at the Institute of Education. She has worked in significant trauma and crises including supporting families and children directly affected by the Grenfell Tower Disaster. She is a mother of 3 children has worked in Inner London Boroughs in Schools and with Mental Health Teams. Her special interest is in Autism and supporting children in developing their EQ as well as key specialisms in specific learning difficulties including Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.
Hannah focuses on support relating to child development and mental health/ wellbeing such as: attachment, anxiety, grief, resilience, & executive functioning.
Gwen Jones

Gwen studied Psychology at the University of Utah with a focus on child and adolescent development. She then trained to become a teacher in Special Education, working with children with severe behaviour disorders, autism and the at risk population in both the UK & US.. She has trained many educators on behaviour management and cultural awareness.Gwen is a mother of 4 and has children with both autism & ADHD. Most recently, she has trained as a psychotherapist, family therapist and parent coach and now works with both children and parents in that capacity.
Gwen focuses on Special Educational Needs, LGBTQ+, single parents, unconscious bias, diversity, allies, blended families and bullying.
Catherine Oliver

Catherine worked in PR for Cable & Wireless Communications followed by Brand Management at the New Covent Garden Soup Company. She then specialised in digital marketing at the IoD and Robert Walters,before joining Sky in 2009 working at Exec level on major change projects. Whilst at Sky she had a child and founded Sky’s parenting network and the Women in Leadership initiative. In 2017 she left Sky to focus on her vision of creating a world of work where working parents and women in leadership can reach their full potential.
Catherine’s delivers guidance around work life balance, professional & work related issues.
Jane Myers

Jane has been working for Educating Matters since October 2018 and is a mum of 3, including 10 year old twins. She has a long working background in developing client relationships primarily in the hospitality and events sector for companies including Marriott and Radisson Hotels and has been invaluable as a team member in raising awareness of Educating Matters diverse range of services to the corporate world. We are delighted to have her as part of our team.

Daniel Tannenbaum

Daniel has been a digital marketing specialist for over 10 years running his own consultancy practice Tudor Lodge Digital and working with clients such as McDonalds’s, Groupon, Savills and Betway.

He has a passion for education following his degree in Business Management and Modern Languages at the University of Nottingham and he is currently a member of the board of Immanuel College School in Bushey, Hertfordshire,