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Employee Benefits

We offer employee benefits by helping parents maintain a better relationship with their children. Since 2001, we have been visiting organisations and speaking to groups of busy Mums and Dads on the subjects including:

  • learning to read
  • learning to write
  • homework
  • exam preparation

We understand that working parents have two jobs and raising children in their early stages of development can be very challenging. Educating Matters provides support for parents so they can support their children. Whether its better time keeping, conflict management or how to share their toys, our courses cover a wide range of topics to suit the individual needs of the parents.

We have spoken to thousands of parents in different companies over the years for all types of high powered jobs. You can read our testimonials here.

Employee benefits to the organisation

We strongly believe that working parents with a better family life will be more successful in the workplace. Happier staff are more productive in their work and also create positive energy for the people around them. It is no surprise that our courses have been used by some of the biggest investment banks and accountancy firms in the world. Delivered by Rachel Vecht, a mother of four, school teacher and University lecturer – Rachel offers an interesting and engaging employee benefit presentation to suit all parents.

Why do employee benefits matter?

The average person will spend 50 years of their life in work. As the pensionable age increases, the sustainability of a State Pension decreases and the cost of living continues to rise, the time an average person spends at work will inevitably increase.

While we may change jobs several times during our working career, the employer/employee relationship we enter in to will, for most people, be the most long-term relationship we will have. As a result, many people are looking for more out of this relationship than simply receiving a pay cheque at the end of each month. In fact, polls suggest that the benefits employers offer their employees are a major factor in the decision to take and maintain a position.

This means that a strong benefits package will allow employers to choose from the cream of any candidate pool as well as to retain their most valuable employees. Many companies are now looking beyond the standard benefit offerings of holiday, sick pay, pension, insurance and so forth. Many companies now offer subsidised phone contracts, online shopping benefits, reduced price car rentals and more. These are offered via co-operative promotions with other organisations. Some companies are offering what has become known as ‘extreme employment perks’. These perks include gym memberships, yoga classes, free lunch and game rooms.

But are these ‘perks’ enough and do they really meet the expectations employees have? According to The Guardian, the demand for gym memberships was 70%, yet actual uptake of the benefit was only 3%.

What do employees really want?

So what do employees really want? Surveys conducted each year by companies like Mercer and Entrepreneur suggest a trend away from novelty perks and back to basics. People are also looking for the opportunity to gain personal and professional development. According to David Fairhurst of McDonalds, “Staff want benefits that mean something to them, and that are appropriate to their worries.

One in ten employees are worried they will never be able to afford to retire. 40% of employees worry that taking their full allowance of holiday will put their jobs at risk in increasingly difficult times for employers, adding to stress at home and work. Working parents and carers worry about maintaining their jobs and the security they provide for their families, while also feeling guilty about neglecting their children and missing out on building and maintaining relationships with their children.

These are the areas that employees want to get benefits. Employees want benefits that will help them better enjoy and manage their lives. The employer who can meet these needs will create a loyal, dedicated and more happy and effective workforce.

Why are companies using Educating Matters again and again?

Educating Matters offers parenting courses in the workplace and one-on-one consultations. Delivered by Rachel Vecht, busy working parents are able to receive parenting guidance and support so that they can manage their work and maximise their time with their children and learn useful parenting tips.

We acknowledge the need for companies to value their employees. The benefit offered to the employee must be useful, effective and acknowledge their concerns. Educating Matters meets the needs of the working parent or carer in a way that is empowering, engaging and beneficial. The employee benefits immediately. We help employers show that they are in tune with the needs of working parents and carers. This creates a healthy working environment fostering loyalty and mutual appreciation.

Click here to find out more on how Educating Matters will enhance the benefits offered to your employees.