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Parenting Classes and Courses

Rachel’s  parenting course draws on almost 30 years experience of teaching children, supporting working parents globally and raising 4 children herself.

Pulling together extensive research about parenting, child development and psychology, the course is a toolbox of Rachel’s favourite practical strategies to raise children to thrive.


We Offer:

✅Online self-study course – ‘Parenting Matters: Raising a Child to Thrive’

✅One-on-One consultations

✅Seminars & webinars for individuals, schools & organisations

✅Support for parents who may have been denied access to their children

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Parenting is the most important and challenging job we will ever have.

✔️Would you like life at home to be calmer and happier?

✔️Would you like to feel more in control, fulfilled and less stressed?

✔️Do you want tips on positive discipline that works?

✔️Do you want to build a strong, connected relationship with your child?

✔️Do you want to give your child skills that will set them up for life?

✔️Would you like simple, proven tips on positive discipline that works?

'Parenting Matters: Raising a Child to Thrive' Course

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1. Understanding yourself & your child

2. Fostering motivation, self-confidence & co-operation

3. Navigating emotions

4. Setting up for Success

5. Establishing values, boundaries & routines

6. Managing ‘mistaken’ behaviour

7. Keeping calm

parenting classes and courses
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Who do you offer Parenting Classes for?

Our parenting course and webinars are suitable for anyone who has a connection with a child: parents, grandparents, step parents, godparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, childminders etc.

The skills are applicable to all ages from toddlers through to late teens.  They are common sense communication skills that can improve all relationships at home and at work.

Some parents like to engage with the self-study online course first and then follow up with 1-1 consultations to talk through the content and address more specific issues relating to their child.

We have supported many parents over the years who have been denied access to their child and the courts have requested they do a parenting course.

Rachel’s training and techniques have successfully changed the lives of thousands of families across the world.

Do you offer Online Parenting Courses that I can watch?

Yes, we currently have 1 online parenting course that you can access anytime, anywhere.  It provides parents with children of all ages, the strategies to help their child thrive.

We are in the process of developing further courses-

Boundaries Matter:  Integrating Work & Family

Learning Matters: Learning How to Learn

Would you like to be an affiliate?

Most individual parents get to hear about us through word of mouth.

We are always looking for authentic ways to partner up with organisations or individuals who support or engage with a network of parents.

Please reach out to us, if you would like to become an affiliate for our parenting course and offer it to your network, even if it is just a group of friends.

Contact us by email: