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It really it made me feel like I can do this and gave me a structure to work from.
The presenter was hugely knowledgeable and I felt like I trusted her.
Probably one of the best webinars on the subject that I've come across so far.


Rachel was understanding of my unique personal circumstances and tailored her advice to suit my position. She was insightful and I put to work her advice successfully as soon as I came off the call. It's still a work in progress but her advice has helped massively


I been utilising some of the techniques with my children and have to say we are in a much calmer place. Your session has had a massive impact on my family already and I am extremely grateful.


I really am quite blown away by the real difference you have made to one little relationship it. Massive thanks to you.


Working with Educating Matters has been an absolute pleasure. The experience and knowledge is invaluable and presentation and delivery first class. Sky will be hosting many more sessions and I thoroughly recommend for your networks.


The feedback from my colleagues was absolutely fantastic, people were really impressed by the combination of well-researched, evidence based solutions and personal experience of raising children, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone or any business that wants to ensure that colleagues and clients are given access to the highest quality learning and development tools.

Browne Jacobson

A personal and sincere thank you for the vibrant, energetic and inspirational way in which you share and educate. Neurodiversity remains so misunderstood and to hear someone speak with such insight and intelligence is a joy.

Deutsche Bank

It was a great opportunity to stop and think about the way I'm working and how others in the business are. It made me feel more able to speak about it with colleagues.


The course was relevant for children of all ages which was excellent. All the guidance was very practical and realistic. I hope I can remember everything!


Rachel has an open style which invites a lot of comments. The best part of her presentations are the great practical tips that make a lot of difference. Please make sure we keep getting these.

I have lots of useful tips to encourage my son and ideas to make learning to read more interesting. Really useful seminar. I really value its content.


Detail was just about right and I really enjoyed the specific examples that Rachel gave. It really helped to structure the goals you need to set and how to achieve them (not for the child but for yourself). It surpassed my expectations. I am now really excited rather than scared of helping my daughter with reading. I gained confidence, guidance and don’t feel panicky about guiding my daughter in the right way. Great delivery and very approachable.


I came away feeling a lot more comfortable and confident about school work and better prepared to support and encourage my children.


I just wanted to thank you for your time today. It’s tough cramming such extensive topics into such a short period of time, it’s also difficult when a high percentage of the audience have time pressures of lunch. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and thank you very much for your insights.


I thoroughly enjoyed the whole seminar. The speaker is so engaging. Establishing a homework routine was most helpful and I don’t feel alone when parents spoke about the resistance they see when they mention the word ‘homework’.

State Street

Very interactive. The discussion and advice was very much on point. I could relate to everything being said.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Amazing to see the impact emotional awareness and practical mindfulness has on mental wellbeing for both parents and children. I have received so many messages from parents and carers following this talk about how useful it has been. I am feeling motivated. Your delivery and knowledge is inspiring.


I loved your honest and candid approach and what really stuck with me is the plethora of specific examples you have used to illustrate the practical techniques you taught us. That really brought it to life for me. All the lessons are equally applicable to work and personal relationships, so I will definitely be using them.


Thank you so, so much for an exceptional session last week! As was evident in the chat panel, the level of engagement was absolutely brilliant.


I was inspired and engaged by Gwen’s refreshing approach and felt quite emotional sharing unspoken struggles with my peers. It has occurred to me that some adults are yet to have the ‘eureka!’ moment, that allows them to confidently push forward into the working world and confront the stigma they may experience.


News for Parents have worked with Educating Matters during lockdown to help support our parents. The advice has been invaluable - not only empathetic but practical, relatable and supportive, a wealth of expertise and happily adapted talks for our needs.

News UK

Fantastic to work with and delivered huge value to HSBC. The style, approach and knowledge is very impressive. She is accommodating to our needs and passionate about what she does. We have had amazing feedback on her sessions internally.


Educating Matters have truly changed many of our employee's relationships with their children. From an employer perspective supporting our employees to be better parents makes for happier employees and who doesn't want that?


I wanted to personally thank you as a working mum who found you inspirational and incredibly knowledgeable. You really engaged me today and it was just amazing to see a mum of such a young family doing what you do and being so successful at it.


The course gave me the confidence to adopt a new approach. The experience of learning is enjoyable rather than a chore. We went through a period when my son wasn’t enjoying reading and didn’t want to read to me. When I changed my approach this changed.

Northern Trust

The course made me realise how important reading is to my son and I now free up as much time as possible to sit with him and read.


An insight into how children learn to read and the best way to approach this whole area for very young children. It was superb and I gained tremendous benefit.


The numeracy matters seminar surpassed my expectations. Rachel knows her stuff and presents it very well. I liked the pace of her delivery. This is the best Citi parent’s workshop I have attended. Very impressed that Rachel encourages questions and contact after the course.


The practical examples made the concept of using them not so scary. I want to go off to Staples for some coloured card. I feel like a big kid myself now!

Credit Suisse

Some reassurance that what I am trying to do works.

Allen & Overy

I just wanted to say thank you for your seminars this year. I have attended them all and I really look forward to them. I have a nearly 4 year old and a 17 month old and your advice has really helped navigate the moods of my strong, spirited 4 year old! I always leave after the hour motivated and reassured that I can do this parenting thing- you should really write a book!

Bank of America - Merrill Lynch

The speaker was obviously very knowledgeable in the subject and her hints and tips were very valuable speaking from both a parent and teacher perspective.

I feel so grateful to work for a company that values, encourages and supports employee networks. Following the session our parents are feeling empowered to immediately change the conversations with their children. I know that this session's positive effects will be felt not only at home but in the workplace too.


This session means you can evaluate your whole approach and make some structural changes that will improve overall stress levels. Practical advice that can apply in a working context as well as in connection with home and children.

A knowledgeable and engaging presenter.


Rachel was very easy to talk to and quite relatable. She used experiences from her own life to put things into context and was very open and honest. She was able to give more tailored suggestions and she followed all this up with an e-mail covering the resources we had discussed. I found the whole experience extremely helpful.


To-date we’ve had over 6k colleagues listen in to our ‘Educating Matters’ events. A great ethos, colleagues value the short bite sized half hour sessions, they’re full of strong visuals, practical advice and principles that resonate with colleagues at all levels and the style is passionate and inspiring. We receive 100% satisfaction rate from all events with feedback suggesting the advice helps colleagues to develop a more practical and positive attitude to approaching their concerns and difficulties.


Rachel is an amazing professional with innovative thinking. It is a pleasure to work with her. Great content and full of simple practical advice.


Thank you so much for these unique and thought-provoking sessions. We’ve really enjoyed hearing the new angles we can think about support, inclusion and health.

Willis Towers Watson

Attendants loved the workshop ran by you. The presentation style was very engaging and the content was insightful at breaking down the ways in which we communicate with others. High interactivity and good examples as well as actionable learnings. Attendants loved the fact there was a lot of material they could go away and read more about as well as simplifying the scientific explanations really helped.


I really enjoy the time I spend with my kids helping them with their education and these helpful hints help to make this time even more enjoyable.


We understand our son’s frustrations a lot more and can better deal with this. It is nice to have a ‘toolkit’ of remedies up your sleeve when the fun quotient needs improving.

Morgan Stanley

Everyone enjoyed the seminar and found you interesting and helpful, you are still being talked about in a good way today and I’m sure there will be some happier children over the weekend.

Deutsche Bank

To be honest I had no expectations at all but I gained a huge amount. There were some amazing ideas on helping children with writing. I am looking forward to my daughter getting older so I can try some of them out.

Credit Suisse

I learnt so much about how maths is taught and how to help my step son in a fun, engaging way.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

My expectations were more than matched. Before I started I thought I might leave half way through but the session turned out just perfect! All aspects were equally valuable and all put in simple context.

Norton Rose Fulbright

The information on reading with my children is going to help me no end, as working in London and commuting for over 3 hours each day eats into my precious times with my children. Thanks again for the wealth of information today.

Standard Chartered

You delivered a highly engaging and practical session on how to make homework stress free for working parents. The session provided useful background about the purpose of homework, set out clearly the role of parents and provided practical and reassuring tips of how to make homework a more rewarding experience for both child and parent. We have received such positive feedback from members of the EPWN

European PWN