Over the past 20 years, we have delivered dynamic, interactive support to tens of thousands of employees globally, through webinars, seminars, workshops, clinics, consultations, videos, podcasts, articles and curated resources. We understand the challenges faced integrating work and family life and also appreciate that time is very limited. We aim to provide practical, realistic advice in a succinct manner giving all employees (specialisng in supporting parents & carers) the skills to make life at home less stressful.

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To the Employer:

  • Enhance productivity, creativity, focus, confidence, fulfilment & innovation
  • Help to attract & retain talent
  • A valuable opportunity to show genuine concern, interest and empathy with employees. Sending a clear signal that you take their work-life balance seriously.
  • Enhanced image as an ‘Employer of Choice’
  • Create an inclusive & diverse workplace culture
  • Support held at a time and place convenient to you with minimal encroachment on work time
  • An opportunity for all employees at whatever stage in their career to network and share experiences with their colleagues. Everyone is on the same level as parents.

To the Employee:

  • A wealth of practical advice, experience & information to support & engage
  • Improves work-life balance
  • Promotes ongoing informal networking, sharing ideas & support for employees in the workplace
  • Reduces stress & feelings of guilt about time spent away from home
  • Generate a feeling of belonging, being valued, increased loyalty, trust & psychological safety


Usually delivered over lunchtime for 60 minutes to groups of any size. Includes a structured presentation, comprehensive notes and Q&A. Examples of topics:

We are totally flexible and happy to tailor make sessions to suit your specific needs. Seminars/webinars are typically 60 minutes over lunchtime but they can also be scheduled at any time of day and for more extended periods of 90 or 120 minutes. They are equally applicable to men and women, parents or carers and all members of staff at any level in the organisation. We liaise with the requirements of human resources, diversity teams and employee resource group networks to help and advise on which areas to focus according to the specific needs of your employees.


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Dads Matter

Toddlers Matter

Teens Matter

Motivation Matters

Emotions Matter

Siblings Matter

Values Matter

Preparation Matters


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Reading Matters

Writing Matters

Numeracy Matters   

Homework Matters    

Exam Matters 

School Matters: Nursery, Primary, Secondary

University Matters

Reception Matters

Technology Matters 

Learning & Mindset Matters

Smart Matters 


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Single Parents Matter

Blended Families Matter

Acceptance Matters 

Mental Health Matters (children)

Diversity Matters

Allies Matter

Unconscious Gender Bias Matters

Bilingual Matters

Sleep Matters

Bullying Matters

Financial Planning

Matters Eating Matters


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Boundaries Matter

Time Matters

Wellbeing Matters

Pre-Parental Leave Matters

During Parental Leave Matters

Post -Parental Leave Matters

Line Managers Matter


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Anxiety Matters

Resilience Matters

Grief & Loss Matters

Mental Health Matters (adults)

Self-care Matters

Wellbeing Matters

Isolation Matters

Inclusion Matters

Neurodiversity Wellbeing Matters

Relationships Matter

Motivation Matters

Engagement Matters

Talking Anxiety Matters

Social Interaction Matters


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Special Needs Matter

Autism Matters (adults & children)

Dyslexia Matters (adults & children)

Neurodivergence Matters

Hidden Disabilities Matter


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Resilience Matters

Wellbeing Matters


Carers Rights

Practical Tips

Supporting Carers

Bespoke service

Tailor made support can be developed in a range of formats  on any  topic to suit the specific requirements of your employees.  

Parent clinics

This provides working parents with the opportunity to have one-to-one confidential time with an ‘expert’ to address any issues or concerns about their child. Parents submit their questions in advance and have 25-30 minute slots either onsite or over the phone. This offering is extremely popular and slots are usually filled within a few hours.

Examples of typical topics include:

Increasing confidence and self-esteem           Choosing a school

Dealing with bullying                                              Homework battles

Organisational skills                                                Time management

Helping my child with reading                               Managing sibling rivalry

Homework battles                                                  Work/life balance

Improving the morning/bedtime routine         Coping with whining

Teaching study skills                                               Manners and respect

Assessing my child’s ability                                     Learning difficulties

Non co-operation                                                   Screen time

Improving my child’s attitude                                My child hates writing

Aggressive behaviour                                             Friendships


For a broader global reach, we provide short videos covering similar content to our seminars, webinars & transition workshops.


Articles, vlogs, blogs, website recommendations and book lists to share on the company’s intranet or internal networking pages.

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