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Positive parenting and family skills

Parents play a hugely important role, working together with the school on developing a child’s confidence, self-esteem, resilience and willingness to try new things.  These seminars delivered in schools enable parents and teachers to learn how to help children develop academically and socially so they reach their full potential.

Parents are undoubtedly a child’s first and most important teacher. Parental engagement with learning and support for their child is the most significant factor in a child’s development and levels of attainment, over and above anything taught at school.

Examples of popular topics for groups from 20-100+ include:

Motivation Matters

How parents can talk to children in a way that encourages them to be more motivated and co-operative.  Building a positive bond between parent and child helps to encourage good behaviour and boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Emotions Matter

How parents can boost their child’s emotional intelligence.  Parents will learn how to listen with more empathy and understanding so that children can express their feelings and deal with emotions more constructively, enriching communication and the relationship between parent and child.

Siblings Matter

Some practical skills to encourage more good feeling between children, know how and when to intervene and how to teach children to resolve conflict with siblings or peers.

Values Matter

This session will highlight the importance of defining family values clearly so that we are able to parent in a more purposeful way.  It will also cover how to formulate and communicate clear boundaries to our children so they have clarity and consistency.

Preparation Matters

All parents want the best for their children and want to know how to enable them to reach their full potential.  This seminar covers practical steps you can take to prepare your children for success so that they are more likely to get things right and you can help them become their best selves

Smart Matters

What does it mean to be ‘smart’ or ‘clever’.  What can parents do to support their children’s learning whilst building confidence, motivation and independence so that children are well placed to become ‘smart’.

Teens Matter

The teenage years can be a challenging time for many parents.  How parents can communicate effectively with teens to really stay connected, have a close relationship and at the same time make boundaries work.

Technology Matters

A practical session exploring how parents can help their children manage technology and the risks involved in being online – setting boundaries and protecting your child.

Dads Matter

This session will give dads a chance to think about what kind of father they want to be.  It then considers some of the differences in the relationship between fathers and sons versus fathers and daughters.  Finally it covers some core parenting skills that really enable dads to get the best out of their relationship with their children.

Homework Matters

Guidance and tips on how to establish solid homework routines and how to get children to do their homework willingly and independently, setting a foundation for good study habits.

Exam Matters

Understanding the role that parents can play in supporting their children through exams, offering guidance and practical tips on establishing a revision routine and key revision and exam techniques