The course was relevant for children of all ages which was excellent.  All the guidance was very practical and realistic.  I hope I can remember everything!accenture




I wanted to personally thank you as a working mum who found you inspirational and incredibly knowledgeable.  You really engaged me today and it was just amazing to see a mum of such a young family doing what you do and being so successful at it.

I really enjoy the time I spend with my kids helping them with their education and these helpful hints help to make this time even more enjoyable.


Rachel has an open style which invites a lot of comments. The best part of her presentations are the great practical tips that make a lot of difference. Please make sure we keep getting these.

The course gave me the confidence to adopt a new approach. The experience of learning is enjoyable rather than a chore. We went through a period when my son wasn’t enjoying reading and didn’t want to read to me. When I changed my approach this changed.

northern trust

We understand our son’s frustrations a lot more and can better deal with this. It is nice to have a ‘toolkit’ of remedies up your sleeve when the fun quotient needs improving.


I have lots of useful tips to encourage my son and ideas to make learning to read more interesting. Really useful seminar. I really value its content.


A very worthwhile course. Gained a lot of insight into what to expect around how numeracy is taught and how to help my child.


The course made me realise how important reading is to my son and I now free up as much time as possible to sit with him and

Everyone enjoyed the seminar and found you interesting and helpful, you are still being talked about in a good way today and I’m sure there will be some happier children over the weekend.deutsche