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Engage and support employees globally

Parenting Classes

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher

Private Consultations

1-2-1 support around a vast array of topics


Established in 2001, we work with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion teams, Learning & Development, Wellbeing, Employee Benefits, HR,  Employee Resource Groups or Networks to provide guidance on inclusion, changing cultures and bespoke training.

We help employers support and enhance the wellbeing of employees with a speciality in focusing on those with caring responsibilities.
We also offer practical parenting tips, support and guidance in schools and to individual parents/carers.
We have helped 10,000’s of employees, so they feel less stressed and more productive.
Being a parent is probably the most rewarding but difficult job one will ever have.  With a positive approach, children are more likely to reach their full potential.
There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ parent. However, with some easy to learn techniques, parents can make family life more fulfilling, happy and nurturing.
All seminars, webinars, courses, workshops and consultations are delivered by people with lived experience of the topics we address. This enables them to draw on personal challenges experienced, combined with solid subject knowledge.


Helping individuals to 'show up' as the best version of themselves -
At home & at work