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What a year, especially for parents. 
Our lives have been turned upside down.

We may have spent a lot of time feeling stressed and overwhelmed, manging online schooling and this past term having our kids in and out of school like yoyos.  We have had to constantly pivot and adjust to change.  Maybe you’re drowning in parental guilt about the amount of time kids spend on screens, or maybe you are just too tired to care anymore!

With any large scale Christmas celebrations cancelled, this holiday season actually gives us an incredible opportunity to just be present and really connect with our children.  (Of course I appreciate that some of you may not live with your children.)

As we reflect on 2020, there are moments worth celebrating and there is hope.

This holiday is a precious opportunity to put yourselves and your family first.  There is no pressure to go anywhere, see anyone, or do anything.  You have been given a chance to press pause. There may not be the same amount of excitement and stimulation as usual but many children will actually really benefit from that.

Your children do not need their lives to be Instagram perfect but they do depend on you to regulate their environment.  You set the tone and be aware that they will mirror your emotions.

  • Drop any idea of perfection, it gets in the way of real love
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Say no to things you don’t want to do (that includes ironing)
  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself and recognise when you need a ‘time out’
  • Don’t compare yourself or your family to anyone else
  • Appreciate and notice what is going well, rather than focusing on what isn’t
  • Practice gratitude
  • Love = Time so be fully present

Wishing you a calm, peaceful and meaningful holiday season.

If you really want to re-set and learn some practical tools for creating a calmer, more connected family environment, my next remote evening parenting course starts on 11th January.

See you on the other side.