Parenting is the most important and challenging job we will ever have.

Would you like life at home to be calmer and happier?

Would you like to feel more in control, fulfilled and less stressed?

Do you want tips on positive discipline that works?

Do you want to enable your child to fulfil their potential?

Do you want to give your child skills that will set them up for life?

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Here are a few tips to get you started.

The 10 week Positive Parenting Course gives parents the skills to enable all of the above and more.  We also offer a 5 Session Positive Parenting Core Skills Course which covers sessions 1 to 5 of the full course.

Certified Parent Practice educator licensed to use The Parent Practice materials and methodology and to deliver The Parent Practice 10 week positive parenting course.

The Parenting Course we offer

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1: Descriptive Praise – Encouraging confidence, cooperation and motivation

2: Emotion Coaching – Improving your bond with your children and encouraging communication.

3: Setting up for Success – Preparing our children to do their best

4: Family Values – Establishing rules and using rewards

5: Positive discipline – Understanding and responding constructively to unwanted behaviour

6: Fostering independenceTraining children in important life skills

7: Being in ChargePositively and constructively without being over controlling

8: Sibling rivalry – Resolving conflict between siblings and peers

9: Keeping Calm – The key to putting these tools into practice

10: What to do when children push your buttonslearn how to recognise and defuse your buttons

The course take place REMOTELY with groups sizes typically between 6 and 12 in a non-judgemental, open environment. Each session lasts 90 minutes and is a structured, practical workshop covering specific skills with a chance for parents to discuss their situation/issues and apply the skills directly to their individual circumstances.  Parents receive a very detailed course manual to share with other people caring for their child and specific tasks to try at home and feedback on each week.

Some parents who attend have quite specific problems/issues they need to address.  Others just want to know how to develop their parenting skills and get the best out of their children.  The group setting makes the course very engaging and parents learn a lot through sharing and hearing about the experience of others (many report this is the greatest benefit).  This gives support, reassurance and ‘normalises’ some common place issues that other parents also feel.

Times and locations

We run evening classes remotely during school term time with a break over half term.  You can join the 10 week course at any time during the course of the term and come along for a free trial taster.  People who attend are parents, grandparents, step parents, godparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, au-pairs or anyone involved in working with or raising a child.

Alternatively we can come to your home if you want to gather your own group of friends.

The Positive Parenting (10 week) Course:
This 10 week package is £400 (+VAT) per person, £600 (+VAT) per couple.

The Positive Parenting Core Skills Module (5 week) course:
This 5 week Module is £300 (+VAT) per person or £400 (+VAT) per couple.

Workshops at home

All the education focused seminars covering topics such as reading, writing, numeracy, homework routines, exams, selecting schools, technology etc. can be delivered for groups of at least 10 people in the comfort of your own home during the day or evening.

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