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Most ‘ New Year’ resolutions fail. The word resolution actually comes from the word ‘resolute’, meaning to be clear about your purpose.

Coping with a global pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty is enough. For the vast majority of people it is not realistic to make any fundamental changes right now or set new goals, we are still in survival mode.

Rather than RES-olutions, I prefer to drop the RE and think about S-olutions.

What is your intention for your family in 2021?

What kind of parent do you want to be?

I would recommend focusing on one main intention, irrespective of the age of your child and their stage of development. An intention is more about a mindset, attitude and way of being then simply a goal or resolution.

My one parenting intention for 2021 is to continually build on CONNECTION & EMPATHY with my children.

Any relationship challenges, sibling rivalry, behaviour or learning difficulties can be helped or improved, if we as parents truly connect with our children and aim to be fully present. (Present does not mean just being at home with them 24/7). Over the last 25 years working in this field, I have learnt that children will cooperate when they feel connected.

To truly relieve some pressure, especially when your own emotions have been triggered, press an imaginary pause button. First connect with your child and focus on understanding, before reacting. If you can offer empathy, you will see tremendous growth in your relationship.

Last year taught me how to develop more resilience, embrace uncertainty and imperfection. I felt a deep sense of gratitude towards my family and learnt to fully appreciate the simple things in life. As we move into 2021, I resolve to maintain that learning and try to be compassionate, empathetic and understanding so I can deepen my family connection.

Another reason why New Year resolutions don’t work, is they tend to be big statements, without setting out the steps to get there. Parents need support to make authentic change. If you want to create an intentional, effective plan to nurture and improve your relationship with your children this year, I would be honored to support you on that journey.

Why not join my ‘Positive Parenting course’ ?

The course can be accessed remotely on Monday evenings 8 to 9:30 pm.

You can join at any time and catch up on missed sessions.

I am starting again on 11th January and you are welcome to a free trial taster.

The whole purpose is to build your connection with your child and yourself that so that you can parent calmly, confidently and with more joy.