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What are you doing for your child that they could learn to do for themselves?

Really take a moment to consider the answer to this question, irrespective of your child’s age: toddler, tweenager, almost an adult or anything in between.

Teaching your child to be self-reliant is the best way to set them up for life.

Remember done is better than perfect, even if it takes longer and it’s messier when your child does things independently!

Watch this video below to find out why empowering children matters

Independence and self-reliance in children means:

🤚🏼DOING things for themselves

🧠THINKING for themselves

❤️BEING responsible for their own feelings

Is your child able to do this?

How could you support them to be more independent?

Below are some ideas for different areas to work on.

❌ Don’t attempt to tackle them all at once.

✔️ Do talk it through with your child and ask them which areas they want to work on first.

Which category are you most inspired by, taking into account your child’s age, stage of development and temperament?


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