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Let’s be realistic, the summer holidays provide the perfect breeding ground for siblings bickering, arguing, squabbling, fighting, telling tales, teasing……

Whatever it looks like and whatever you call it, for parents it is upsetting, draining, exhausting and annoying.

So what do you do to help them resolve it?

Before having my own 4 children, I was a school teacher and got stuck in the midst of lots of spats between children in the playground. It was almost impossible to work out who started what, as each child blamed the other.

Watch my video below for a complete and utter mindset shift about your role as the adult in helping children navigate differences of opinion!

Do you want to encourage more harmony between your kids over the summer holidays?

Watch this video for a very practical tool that you can implement the very next time you see your children.

I used this for years with my kids when they were younger.

🪄🪄It absolutely works like magic! 🪄🪄

An alternative to the pasta jar, is using a notebook that either you or your kids can write in. This is really helpful if they are not with you during the day.


‘Setting up for Success’ is one of my favourite parenting strategies.

The concept is to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to parenting. It is so worth the initial investment of time and thought!

This concept is really useful for planning different types of time for siblings to spend together over the summer.

See below for some ideas.

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