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We offer private one-to-one coaching in person, over the phone, remotely or through a ‘clinic’ in the workplace during the day or evening.

These provide an opportunity to address any particular issues or concerns you may have relating to your child’s education, general parenting or managing your work and family. This may be required in addition to a course, as a follow up after some time has passed or as a one off to deal with a specific matter. Some parents don’t have time to attend a whole course but like the subject of one particular session and want to have that topic delivered to them privately.

Examples of typical questions include:


  • My child hates reading. What should I do?
  • How do I encourage my son to improve his levels of concentration?
  • My child makes no effort with the presentation of her work. How do I encourage her to care?
  • My daughter has only 2 friends at school. Should I be concerned?
  • How do I determine if my child would be right for a highly academic grammar school?
  • I am worried that my child is not stretched enough at school.
  • Parents evening didn’t really help me to establish if my child is making sufficient progress. What can I do?
  • What do you think about extra- curricular activities? Everyone else seems to be doing them!
  • At what age should I get my child a tutor?

General Parenting

  • I am fed up with nagging, repeating and reminding. How do I get my child to listen?
  • My children are close in age and constantly arguing. I can never work out who started what and just want them to get on.
  • My husband and I have very different views around parenting and discipline.
  • How can I make daily routines calmer? Getting out the house in the morning and getting them into bed is bedlam!
  • Is bribery a bad thing and what are useful consequences? I am running out of ideas!
  • The bedtime routine is not working and my 3 year old is still wide awake at 9pm!
  • How much screen time should I allow?