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Each year, the idea of international awareness days, seem to become increasingly popular.

We have selected the ones relating to topics we really know and care about.

If you would like to mark these important days at your place of work and have someone from the Educating Matters team provide an internal talk to address any of the following topics, please email:

Under each awareness day, are links to 1 hour webinar outlines on related talks.  We have many other options and are also always open to developing something more bespoke, if you have a specific requirement.

Of course, all these topics are important throughout the year (not just March) and can be covered at anytime.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 28 Feb – 6 March

Eating disorders affect 1 in 50 people in the UK.  Recovery is possible but we must be aware of the warning signs that may have nothing to do with a person’s weight or appearance.

Here are the details for our webinar on Eating Matters

World Book Day: 3 March

2022 is the 25th anniversary of World Book Day – with the message for all children ‘you are  a reader’

‘Reading Matters’ was the first talk we ever delivered to a corporate audience back in 2001. We have 2 very popular webinars addressing how to instil in children a love of books, for 0-6 and 7-11 year olds.

Reading Matters: 0-6

Reading Matters: 7-11

International Women’s Day: 8 March

Mother’s Day: 27 March

The 2022 theme for IWD is ‘Break the Bias’.  We see this as the perfect opportunity to explore how bias shows up and what to do when we discover it in ourselves or others.

Breaking Unconscious Gender Bias in Parenting Matters

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: 14-19 March

15% of students in the UK have a learning difference (an overly conservative statistic) and in the US it is 1 in 5.  There is a lot of stigma and misconception about learning differences.

We are so fortunate to have Gwen Jones on our team.  She is an experienced ‘Special Educational Needs’ teacher, has 3 neurodiverse children and is neurodiverse herself.

We have many talks relating to this topic but here are just 2 options to start with.

Neurodivergence Matters: Adults

Neurodiversity Matters: Children

National Single Parents Day: 21 March

A day to show gratitude and appreciation for single parents.  Raising children is an epic task, made even more challenging when you have no one to share the responsibility with.

Single Parents Matter

World Maths Day: 23 March

This is one of the world’s largest global educational events, to get students excited and enthusiastic about learning maths.

Our talk addresses how parents can support their children’s numeracy and create a fun, non-pressurised learning environment at home, to complement how numeracy is taught in school.

Numeracy Matters

Transgender Day of Visibility: 31 March

An opportunity to celebrate transgender people and raise awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.

The perfect time to offer our popular talk about how to be an authentic ally whether that is relating to sexuality, gender, race or ethnicity.

Allies Matter: Adults

Allies Matter: Children