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Healthy Mind Platter

Please see vlog below for an introduction to Dan Siegel’s concept of a ‘Healthy Mind Platter’

Time in

Enabling children to reflect on their inner world. Connect with their feelings, thoughts, beliefs and dreams by being truly present.  This could be for example, through mediation or yoga.  It keeps the brain cells healthy and provides more energy.

Sleep Time

Check the recommended sleep required for your child’s age to allow optimal brain growth, memory consolidation and reduction of stress.

Focus Time

This is time without distraction and may involve homework.  It is not multi-tasking but focusing on learning one thing.  Life-Lomb learning should be a target to keep the brain growing. 

Down Time 

Time to unwind or chill with no structure or plan and nothing to accomplish.  It gives the brain a chance to recharge it’s batteries and allow imagination to wander. Getting flexible hours from work can be crucial to achieve this.

Play Time

Young children tend to get quite a lot of this but it’s necessary for all ages. Laughter and fun allows the brain to grow.  The chosen activity should not be judged or evaluated with no rigid rules.  It allows children to think outside the box. 

Physical time

Increases the heart rate and enhances neuroplasticity.  Of course exercise also has a powerful effect on mood. 

Connecting time

This may be with people and nature. It is what helps to make our life happier and more meaningful. It does not include social media but face-to-face contact with friends and family and the world outside.