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Frequent bursts of one on one time with your child.

Provides vitamins and minerals for their soul


What is Special Time?

Special Time is when each parent spends one on one time with each child.  It is short, frequent, predictable and uninterupted time to do something that your child really enjoys that is not of material value.  It’s mainly about ‘being’ together.

What are the benefits of Special Time?

  • Builds the bond and connection between parent and child, giving a child the attention they often crave and will seek in other ways if they don’t get enough.
  • More happiness and co-operation from child which leads to better behaviour.
  • For children Love =Time.  Setting aside this time is a way of communicating to your child that you love them and enjoy being with them.
  • A way to value your child for who they are aside from worrying or talking about completing tasks, academic ability and discipline.
  • Child more likely to feel happy, relaxed and receptive so often opens up to parent and will talk about what is going in their life and anything they are upset or worried about.

How do you do it?

  • Make it regular and routine, set aside a time and date.
  • Only needs to be 10-15 minutes.
  • Have to be uninterrupted so no phones around or other siblings.  Make sure any other children are occupied by another adult, set up to do something independently or sleeping.
  • Follow child’s lead.  Let them choose what to do some days and other times make suggestions.
  • No structured activities like homework, reading or screens.  Just about having fun, being playful and connecting.