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How to talk so kids will listen

Learn a powerful skill to motivate your child and boost their confidence and self esteem


What is Descriptive Praise?

‘Descriptive Praise’ is a way of giving your child appreciation and approval every day so that they are more motivated to listen and willing to co-operate.  It is about noticing and mentioning all the OK things your child is doing  to reinforce the behaviour you want to see.  Children are programmed to seek their parent’s attention so why not focus on what they are doing right.

What are the benefits of Descriptive Praise?

  • More co-operative child
  • More motivated child
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Children do more to please us
  • Less tension and stress
  • We like our children more as we notice what they are doing right

How do you do it?

  • Stand back and focus on what they do right
  • Notice and mention every tiny step in the right direction
  • Praise their effort, attitude and strategies not just the outcome
  • Point out the qualities shown by their behaviour

DP is hard.  It feels like a foreign language at first but it really works with all ages from 1-100!!

Remember the magic ratio: – 5 POSITIVES TO EVERY NEGATIVE