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10 -16th May 2021 is officially ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. Of course this is a topic we need to be aware of 365 days of the year, not just 7! 1in 4 people in the UK have experienced a mental health problem and this has been exacerbated further during the pandemic.

At Educating Matters, mental health and wellbeing, along with connection has always been at the heart of our offering.

Please see below some ideas for a flavour of talks to support the Mental Wellbeing of your employees. Click on each title for link to outline summary.

Mental Health Matters

How the brain works during times of crisis and extreme stress and how to support yourself.

Grief & Loss Matters

A sensitive, supportive and insightful talk about the complexities of grief and the experience of loss through death, separation, trauma, divorce or change.

Self-care Matters

Practical tools to be your most authentic version of yourself whilst juggling competing priorities and identities.

Anxiety Matters

Anxiety overwhelms our thought processes and lives in the future.  This session will focus on how to stop the spiral from taking us to the dark place. 

Wellbeing Matters

How to have better brain health to maintain a healthier life and care for ourselves in a way that is less reactive and more intentional.

Boundaries Matter

Practical tools to manage time and successfully prioritise to set boundaries for work, family and ourselves.

Resilience Matters

Defining what resilience is and how to nurture it.

Isolation Matters

How to cope with loneliness after a year of isolation and how to start to open your world to others again.

Neurodiversity Matters

Insight into how and why some people need to care for themselves in a way that looks different to others and the best interventions for better health and wellbeing for the neurodiverse brain.

Relationships Matter

Learn how to make adult relationships healthy and thrive.

Motivation Matters

Find your get up and go! Learn to use the internal drivers that help us move towards success.

Engagement Matters

Empower and motivate yourself to deliver excellence in work, at home and in life.

Remote Working Matters

Take the lessons of the past year to make remote working an experience that is more productive and engaging.

Social Interaction Matters

How to manage mixing again in work and social settings, considering new conscious and unconscious taboos we have created, what should we keep and what should be adjusted.

On 13th May we will host a FREE cross company panel event (further details below) to discuss Mental Health Awareness at Work.  Register here to join or access recording. Send through any questions in advance.