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As lockdown eases and we commence the road back to our more familiar lives, we have devised a brand new series of talks to support employees successfully through that transition.

Click on the title of each talk for a more detailed outline.



Social Interaction Matters

How to manage mixing again in work and social settings, considering new conscious and unconscious taboos we have created, what should we keep and what should be adjusted.

Success Planning Matters

Use reflection and planning to define how we access our work and each other. Focus on finding the best process to define the ‘new normal’.

Resilience Matters

Defining what resilience is and how to nurture it.

Engagement Matters

Empower and motivate yourself to deliver excellence in work, at home and in life.

Wellbeing Matters

How to have better brain health to maintain a healthier life and care for ourselves in a way that is less reactive and more intentional.

Grief & Loss Matters

A sensitive, supportive and insightful talk about the complexities of grief and the experience of loss through death, separation, trauma, divorce or change.

Inclusion Matters

Challenges, opportunities and practical tips to successfully navigate the transition to a hybrid working model that is fully inclusive.

Anxiety Matters

Anxiety overwhelms our thought processes and lives in the future.  This session will focus on how to stop the spiral from taking us to the dark place. 


Emotions Matter

How parents can listen with empathy and understanding to enable children to manage and articulate their emotions.

Motivation Matters

How parents can encourage motivation, co-operation, strong self-esteem, confidence and nurture a growth mindset in children of any age.

Normality Matters

Practical tools to set families up for success on the road back to some sense of normality.

Educational Transition Matters

How parents can prepare their children for the transition through various educational stages and manage change in general.