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It was an absolute joy to be interviewed for this podcast series and join a line up of really inspirational leaders who have been interviewed previously.

The podcast is hosted by ‘From Babies with Love’

If you have never heard about them, you must check out what they offer.  In  a nutshell, individuals or organisations can buy baby gifts and all profits go to orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

Access to podcast episode here

Discussing strategies for strong relationships, from parent-child to colleague-colleague, practical examples we can all use day to day, as well as underlying principles that inform my approach.

Discussing the impact of how the pandemic has ‘humanised’ businesses, Rachel calls on us to keep the momentum in the seismic changes taking place in the workplace.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about:

[3.00]  Strategies for strong relationships

[5:40] Examples of practical steps you can take

[8:25] A seismic acceleration of change in the workplace

[11:35] Gender balance and addressing societal bias

[15:24] Examples of projects that deliver inclusion

[18:44] Opening doors of communication

[21:20] Authentic and normalised communication