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Diversity and Inclusion Training Courses for Organisations

Diversity and inclusion is an key and integral part of any modern day organisation – and with Rachel Vecht and Educating Matters, we offer highly effective training courses of your business and organisation.

Rachel Vecht draws on more than 25 years of experience in working with employees across organisations worldwide, including some of the most well-known multi-nationals and global companies. We offer 60 minute seminars either in-person, at your offices or via remote video conferencing so that we can offer our courses internationally.

With our Diversity and Inclusion Training Courses, we can empower your staff to create a warm and engaging environment where all people of all backgrounds can feel valued and able to contribute and influence the company that they work in.

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What is Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace?

Diversity and Inclusion promotes the idea that different people are well-represented in an organisation regardless of race, colour, religion or gender. Everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and add value to the organisation, at every level and above all, every individual feels a sense of belonging and that they are participating in a safe environment.

To create a culture that values diversity and inclusion, employees must be strong communications and have interpersonal skills. It is essential that there is an awareness of global and cultural issues and that there is an emphasis placed on relationship management.

Through training available from Educating Matters, we can create a positive and friendly atmosphere of Diversity and Inclusion – making all staff feel welcomed, appreciated and happy in their work environment.




Benefits of Our Diversity and Inclusion Training

To the Employer:

  • Enhance productivity, creativity, focus, confidence, fulfilment & innovation
  • Help to attract & retain talent
  • A valuable opportunity to show genuine concern, interest and empathy with employees
  • Enhanced image as an ‘Employer of Choice’
  • Create an inclusive & diverse workplace culture
  • Support held at a time and place convenient to you with minimal encroachment on work time
  • An opportunity for all employees at whatever stage in their career to network and share experiences with their colleagues. Everyone is on the same level as parents.

To the Employee:

  • A wealth of practical advice, experience & information to support & engage with other people and team members
  • Promotes ongoing informal networking, sharing ideas & support for employees in the workplace
  • Generate a feeling of belonging, being valued, increased loyalty, trust & psychological safety

How Our Diversity and Inclusion Courses Work

Usually delivered over lunchtime for 60 minutes to groups of any size. Includes a structured presentation, comprehensive notes and Q&A.

We are totally flexible and happy to tailor make sessions to suit your specific needs.

Seminars/webinars are typically 60 minutes over lunchtime but they can also be scheduled at any time of day and for more extended periods of 90 or 120 minutes. They are equally applicable to men and women, parents or carers and all members of staff at any level in the organisation.

We liaise with the requirements of human resources, diversity teams and employee resource group networks to help and advise on which areas to focus according to the specific needs of your employees.

Workshops at Home – Now Available!

If you would like to run a remote Diversity and Inclusion Training Course, we are pleased to facilitate this over Zoom or other video conferencing methods – and we have successfully executed this with a number of companies already.


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