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United Front


What is a United Front?

This is about both parents being consistent and adopting the same approach to parenting.  Even if your values or views in a specific situation differ, try not to  contradict each other or argue in front of your children.  Both mothers and fathers play an essential role in bringing up their children and may have different views but compromise is essential.  If there are grey areas or children sense their parents are in disagreement, they will usually take advantage and play one parent off against the other.

How to create a United Front

  • Set aside time for a ‘solution talk’ between you and your partner.  If you are in disagreement about something, state simply without judgement what the problem/issue is and work out how to compromise on a solution you are both happy with.  Take turns making suggestions and don’t bring up old arguments.
  • Speak positively about your partner in front of the children.
  • If you are not sure how to respond in the moment,  say “I need to discuss that with daddy/mummy and I will get back to you”.’
  • Be consistent and open to compromise when necessary.
  • Recognise each other’s strengths and delegate tasks accordingly.