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28th June 8-10pm, 60 Maida Vale W9 1PP

The role of a father has changed considerably in the 21st century and dads are constantly balancing work and family, disciplining their children and at the same time trying to have a positive relationship.   This session will give dads a chance to think about what kind of father they want to be and to explore the role they play in bringing up their children.  It then considers some of the differences in the relationship between fathers and sons versus fathers and daughters.  Finally it will cover some core parenting skills that really enable dads to parent in a positive way and get the very best out of their relationship with their children.

Seminar outline:

  • Role of a 21st century dad
  • Different parenting styles – what kind of dad do you want to be?
  • Relationship between fathers and sons
  • Relationship between fathers and daughters
  • Core positive parenting skills to develop real connection and communication: Motivation and Emotion Coaching

The seminar includes:

  • Personal attention and feedback in an informal atmosphere, discussion encouraged
  • An invaluable booklet complete with information covered on the seminar
  • Post course advice available by email or telephone

Cost: £50 per person

 email: to book