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Parenting in a pandemic!

Home-schooling more Miss Hannigan than Mary Poppins?

More walks and talks and quality time or just too much screentime?!

How has living La Vida Lockdown affected our children and young people? H

ow well did our homes and lives hold up to the school/work/life collide of lockdown and what can we learn from these times, our children and how can we support them better beyond? J

Guest Speakers

Leah and Ricky Boleto Leah and Ricky Boleto are best known for their roles as presenters on BBC Newsround. As well as wrestling with how to share the story of Coronavirus with young people, their experiences of the last 12 months have been life changing. From welcoming a baby girl during a global pandemic, moving house, working from home and even building a BBC studio in their garden shed.

Jon Ford & Jez Belas – Life on Time Passionate about young people’s wellbeing, Jon and Jez are part of the team working on LifeonTime. – a student and teacher wellbeing resource for schools and colleges. Jon is a performance and wellbeing coach and the founder of Life on Time and Become Inspired coaching. A qualified sport and exercise scientist, trained in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, he has a passion for empowering people with the skills so they can achieve their potential and live healthy, fulfilled and meaningful lives. Jez is a qualified sport and exercise scientist and strength and conditioning coach. He is also the current head of wellbeing at Leighton Park school and a Parkour Fitness.

& me!