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How often do you speak to your children about their screen use?

I’m not talking about the daily nagging, repeating and reminding to get off their screens and find something else to do.

(I expect there’s plenty of that going on in households across the country over the summer holidays 🤣)

I mean really having ongoing conversations about your family values and how you treat others, be that in the physical or virtual world.


When it comes to your children, what do you regard as being valuable screen time usage and what is a waste of time?

Do the same rules apply to you?

Have you discussed this openly with your children?


What most concerns about your children’s use of screens?

I am sharing this not to add to your anxiety but to make sure you are consciously aware and ensure that over time you have discussed all these aspects with your children.

The reality is that most children will mess up at some point or other.  All mine have!!

Mistakes are learning opportunities.

The most crucial thing is that the lines of communication between parent and child remain open and that if your child does make a mistake, they feel they can come and talk to you about it and work out a solution.

Here are some topics to address when it comes to screen use and what can go wrong……

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