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I am very excited to share with you news of a great screen time solution that came onto the market towards the end of last year.  The founders are parents to 3 boys and struggled greatly with making screen time work in their own family.  They did not feel that any of the vast myriad of apps and controls on the market fully provided what they needed to manage screens so they worked extremely hard to come up with a solution.

As a mother of 4, I can honestly say this is the best product I have come across.  So much thought has gone into it, taking into account many of the common challenges such as:

  • getting kids off screens
  • ending homework distractions
  • filtering inappropriate content
  • motivating kids
  • transitioning from a screen to another activity
  • getting your child into productive habits

‘Habyts’ is simple to set up, easy to use, works on multiple devices, has separate study and playtime modes, helps with chore management, motivates kids with rewards and provides reports for parents on your child’s activity.

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Habyts outline with further information