Huge thanks to Rachel for creating this lovely teaching atmosphere and making this difficult task of positive parenting seem so simple to everyone. My husband and I were both very impressed by her knowledge and positive energy. It is obvious that she loves teaching this subject; she was never short of any answers/recommendations when most difficult scenarios were brought up in the class discussions.

Mother of 5 year old twins

I thought all aspects were excellent. Rachel is absolutely superb.

Father of 3

I want to say a big, big thank you for everything. This course has been so helpful and so important in many different ways. It has literally been the anchor I needed at this rather challenging and stressful time. Sometimes I think we forget the most important thing, the love we feel for our children, with all the rushing and competing. The course has taught me an effective way of staying on top of things while still remembering what is important.

Mother of 2

My kids are calmer, more confident and less competitive with each other.

Mother of 3

After the course I am pretty confident that I am a better parent and my kids are happier.

Mother of 2 teenagers

“I learnt more in the first half an hour than I have in 12 years of being a father.”

Father of 4 boys

“Huge impact on myself and my husband. Some things don’t change overnight but now we stop and think before we talk to our children when they’re not behaving well. We try to plan more, now that we understand the potential causes of their misbehaviour.”

Mother of twins

You delivered a highly engaging and practical session on how to make homework stress free for working parents.  The session provided useful background about the purpose of homework, set out clearly the role of parents and provided practical and reassuring tips of how to make homework a more rewarding experience for both child and parent.  We have received such positive feedback from members of the EPWN

It’s always useful to exchange views particularly with someone who has experience in the education field as teacher and parent of older children.

It was great being able to talk to an expert who listened to the issues that I was having with my teenage son and provided constructive, practical and realistic advice together with information about other resources such as books which might be helpful. I really didn’t know where to go for help, the school were not being helpful and this service provided the information and reassurance that I needed at a time that was convenient to me.