“I just wanted to thank you for the past 10 weeks.  It has been a pleasure to attend your classes and you have really changed my style of parenting for the better.  It has all had such a wonderful impact on my girls already and I can’t thank you enough.  It really is the best money spent and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  I have attended a number of courses in the past and was a little sceptical about attending another course and I’m so pleased that I did!  Not only are you talented, you are also totally fabulous and convey everything in a non-judgemental way.  I will be telling everyone I know about your fabulous courses.”

single father

We changed all our morning and evening routines and Rachel’s recommendations really work. The children are involved in establishing rules and values. It is actually really fun.

Mother of 2 boys – both parents working full time in investment banking

“Thank you very much Rachel for the life changing course.  I feel less alone as a Mum struggling to keep the peace.  The course has made a massive difference to my outlook on parenting and looking at my own childhood and everything has been and continues to be a very big but very rewarding challenge.  It’s very, very hard to remember to say and do the right things but I am getting better at hitting the PAUSE button – which is right next to the fridge.

My lightbulb moment was Rachel telling us that our kids also have an agenda as important to them as ours is to us. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit that this came as such a surprise to me. Letting go of expectations and the control that goes with them has made both me and the kids much happier and calmer.”

Single mother of twins

It made a huge difference to my relationship with other people.

Mother of 3 boys

It gave me a chance to look at my parenting from a different perspective and see how I can be more positive.

Father of 2

Thank you so much for your beneficial advice and tips. The main point you made that resonated the most with was empathising with my child and voicing that empathy to her…I found that every time I did this, it defused the tension very quickly. I also get quite surprised by that result each time ……and asking myself, how did I never think of this? I really enjoyed the sessions I attended and loved how open you were about your own frustrations and successes with your children.

Mother of 9 year old girl

“I feel so much more relaxed now.”
“The most meaningful insights were listening to other parents and seeing myself in them.”

Step parent

The course made a huge difference in our home and I even communicated the ideas with my son’s school teacher who said it has made a big difference to his behaviour in schools.

Father of 2 boys

Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to attend one of Rachel Vecht’s parenting sessions in Maida Vale. Having worked with children for almost 20 years, I always hoped that my background would stand me in good stead when I became a mother a few years ago and I do feel lucky that having the tutoring experience under my belt gave me an insight into how children operate that other parents might not have had at the start. However, I must have nodded my head in an ‘Oh, that’s a really good point/suggestion/why aren’t I doing that already?’ kind of way over 20 times in the two hours that I sat in Rachel’s class. Not so smug any more, eh?
Rachel was getting us to consider the idea that we can’t just expect children to do what we want straight off: they need clear and measured guidance as to what is expected of them, and time to understand, absorb and then carry out what they need to do. Here is a glimpse of what we discussed:
• Rachel talked about taking time to discuss with your child why it is that he refuses to get out of bed in the morning and allow him to suggest ways that would help him get up without you shouting at him and dragging him out from under the duvet.
• You can’t just expect a child to ‘clean her teeth’: teeth cleaning can be broken down into around 20 steps and each step has to be explained and sequenced so she can learn how to do it herself.
• Talk to the child about how he should behave before you go on a bus/to a grandparents’ house/ a restaurant…
• Set up a pattern at bedtime to ensure the child feels safe and secure when you leave her room (Rachel gave a wonderful example of her daughter wanting her bedroom door left open at night – but during the summer, this would let too much light into the room so they came to an agreement where the door would be left slightly ajar and each night Rachel and her daughter measured the gap between the door and the door frame with a ruler to ensure both parties were happy).
Rachel has a background that gives you the utmost confidence in what she is preaching. Rachel creates a space for parents to admit they are struggling and talk freely about the issues they are having with their children. I feel that all parents need a session with her – we need as much help and support as our children.

Osborne Cawkwell tutoring

Recently, I went to a session of the parenting course Educating Matters. It was incredibly interesting, informative and this is a course I would highly recommend any parent. The course deals with pretty much any scenario a parent will come across, is a time when you can talk through difficulties with the teacher and the other parents who participate, and ultimately it will give you tools with which you can improve a situation/s. What makes this course so good is that you can talk about your own situation in a friendly, open and warm atmosphere without having any judgement. Rachel Vecht is a lovely, warm and knowledgeable woman who, with four children herself, can relate to any situation and/or challenge you might have. There is an abundance of course material, book suggestions and lots of research based information. Whether you need some coping strategies or just some reinforcement, this course would be beneficial for anyone!

NW8 mums