Parenting is undoubtedly the hardest and the most rewarding experience we’ll ever have.

Many of us go from being adults with plenty of time for ourselves and our passions . . . to frazzled caregivers who are overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, emotionally and physically drained, after giving so much all day long.

Maybe your parenting journey started off strong. You were prepared to give your child your very best and not repeat the mistakes of your childhood… .

But after years of being worn down by the endless grind, your best intentions slipped away and now you’re simply surviving.

Somehow your home life has become something you don’t recognise and never wanted for your family.

Perhaps you know what you ‘should’ do but find it hard to put into practice.
The strategies you have tried don’t seem to be working effectively and sometimes make things worse.

Fear of the next meltdown looms over the house, you feel out of control and you desperately wish to enjoy your child again.

You struggle to find common ground in parenting with your spouse, you are inconsistent and even confused.

You long to have a better relationship.

You just wish they would listen without the constant nagging, repeating, justifying, reminding, cajoling, threatening, bribing or shouting.

“Rachel’s course is so effective and informative. Not only do you learn theory but she also gives you so many practical tips and tools to deal with every day challenges that you face whilst raising children. I feel so much better equipped to deal with those now and have seen instant changes in behaviour and outcomes! I can’t recommend her and her course enough!”

Mother of 3 young boys under 4

Good News! Parenting Can Be Much Smoother

“I learnt more in the first half an hour than I have in 12 years of being a father.”

Father of 4 boys

“Huge impact on myself and my husband. Some things don’t change overnight but now we stop and think before we talk to our children when they’re not behaving well. We try to plan more, now that we understand the potential causes of their misbehaviour.

Mother of twins

“My kids are calmer, more confident and less competitive with each other.”

Mother of 3

“After the course I am pretty confident that I am a better parent and my kids are happier.”

Mother of 2 teenagers

Imagine if you felt more confident about your parenting approach and had a bank of practical parenting tools that actually work

So you could:

✓ Peacefully end the power struggles and tension in your home
✓ Feel more in charge, consistent, connected and less stressed
✓ Say things only once and your child listened the first time
✓ Create a calm atmosphere of respect, empathy and understanding
✓ Guide your child to be more cooperative, motivated and resilient
✓ Boost your child’s self-esteem and self-discipline, so they can reach their full potential

Introducing The Parenting Matters: Raising a Child to Thrive Course

Discover how positive discipline and practical methods can restore the special relationship and connection between you and your child!

This course provides a toolbox of easy-to-follow everyday strategies that create a noticeable change within you and your child the very first time you use them.

“I really really loved this one, it felt so personal and empowering. Sometimes I end up forgetting that they are only little and that what they do is not against me although it feels like that sometimes as I am the one that is there for them to go against.

Soooo good to have spent so many weeks resetting my mind and letting go of my experiences from childhood and understanding child psychology better.

Thank you, thank you from both of us. Your notes will be read on many occasions in the future to refresh things and if at any point we struggle with anything in particular you will be our main point of contact. I really have enjoyed your style and the way you have opened up about your personal experiences too.”

Full time working mother of 2

Discover The Exact Steps To:

⭐️ Improve the communication of all relationships within your home

⭐️ Feel more confident in your parenting role and enjoy the journey

⭐️ Create consistent routines and boundaries

⭐️ Use positive discipline to repsond to misbehaviour

⭐️ Usher peace and harmony into your home by ending daily battles and tension

⭐️ Truly understand what triggers your emotions and reactions, along with getting to the root of understanding your child’s behaviour

⭐️ Boost your child’s self-confidence and nurture their emotions by responding with empathy

⭐️ End entitlement and help your child grow into the best version of themselves

⭐️ And most importantly . . . feel supported, understood and less guilty by having everyday parenting challenges normalised

“Having completed one of Rachel’s courses, I can’t say enough good things about a) how much I learned, b) how many more tools I now have to deal with and support my children as they grow up and face the multitude of challenges modern life throws at them c) how I learned to stay in control of my emotions and be a good teacher to my children. Every session of the course made me stop and think and gave me invaluable tools and techniques to apply each and every day. It was enjoyable – more so than I at first thought it would be – and normalising the challenges, stresses and strains of parenting was incredibly cathartic.

If you’re concerned about the investment of time and money then don’t be. You’re investing in the long term so the investment itself pails into insignificance in relation to the long term value – family health, well- being and fun times!”

Father of 2

A Welcome Note From The Creator . . .

Hi! I’m Rachel Vecht,

Working with children and parents has been my passion and purpose for almost 30 years.

I studied at the Institute of Education and started out my career as a classroom teacher in London, then trained and mentored student teachers.

In 2001, when my first child was born, I founded ‘Educating Matters’. I believed I could have a greater impact on children’s lives by working more directly with parents. After all, parents truly are a child’s first and most important teacher. Raising good human beings is the most profound way to impact our children’s future and build a better world, one family at a time.

I have 4 children of my own and very much learnt on the job, with plenty of examples of mistakes I made on my own imperfect parenting journey. I soon learnt that teaching other people’s children is way easier than raising your own!

I have spent most of the last 20 years working with corporates to support working parents globally in a vast range of sectors including: banking, retail, accounting, construction, utilities, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, tech, government departments, charities and schools.

I have a very realistic sense of the common challenges parents face with children of all ages and have faced them myself. I know this topic inside out and have spent decades reading about parenting, attending courses and am certified as a ‘Parent Practice’ educator. This has enabled me to build up a bank of practical strategies that have the power to fundamentally improve and change family life forever.

For many years I have also run small group parenting courses and provided 1:1 consultations but I wanted to broaden my reach and create an online course that was more accessible to parents anytime, anywhere.

This course is a tangible, succinct version of the very best information and advice I have discovered and shared, drawing on psychological research and child development. It’s been tried and tested in practice by tens of thousands of parents I have delivered talks to worldwide and is applicable to children of all ages.

I’ve witnessed families experiencing life-changing results countless times!

We’re all in this together . . . so together let’s create a better future for those we love!

These parents are thriving proof:

“The course made a huge difference in our home! My son’s school teacher also said it has made a big difference to his behaviour in school.”

Father of 2 boys

“I can’t tell you how much these classes have helped. I quite often say to Peter, “What do you think Rachel would say in this situation?!” That sentence seems to remove all the conflict from a situation and take us back to your living room where we work it out together.”

Mother of 2

 “A life changing course. I feel less alone as a Mum struggling to keep the peace. The course has made a massive difference to my outlook on parenting and looking at my own childhood and everything has been and continues to be a very big but very rewarding challenge.”

Single mum of twin boys

“The course has had a positive impact on our children, it does feel like we think more about the bigger picture and our values as a family. 

It has also has given me clarity on what parent I want to be/become and my role in bringing them up as independent adults. 

I definitely feel more aware of how my own way of operating impacts on the children and that it’s a two-way relationship i.e. self -care is so important!”

Mother of 3

“I am a single father and my daughter is being affected by the conflict between her mother and I. I wanted to learn skills and techniques to help my daughter to overcome the effects of the conflict she has witnessed to ensure she develops into a balanced and emotionally healthy child. My daughter has benefited because she now gets consistent parenting from both of us.

I really learned a lot and my self-confidence in my ability as a parent is so much higher because of it.”

Single dad

“We had read some positive parenting books but we found it difficult to apply a lot of the methods with our daughter; we often found them to backfire. Some practical ideas from the course have worked well – the pasta jar, setting up for success, writing family rules. The course helped set our expectations for what is normal. The lessons always gave us lots to talk and think about. The course content was all very relevant and well presented.”

Couple of 2

“It was indeed a pleasure to be part of the course. I will be honest in saying that I may have been slightly sceptical at first but I have really been able to take away some food for thought. I learnt some powerful stuff that I would not have anticipated, particularly about myself and my expectations; and also there being a marked difference between the old school style autocratic type parenting and looking at more innovative and flexible ways of achieving the long term objective.

Thanks again Rachel, the experience has been an uplifting one.”

Single father of 1

“The things I learnt have had a profound effect on me and therefore my family. I am much more sensitive and empathetic to my children’s behaviour. The course has given me confidence to handle situations in ‘the right way’.”

Entrepreneur and father of 2

“I have found the course extremely useful, and, I think perhaps most importantly for us as a couple, its facilitated us discussing and agreeing on a consistent, joint approach and having confidence in doing that, whereas before we were definitely ‘drifting’ and there was a lot of “accidental parenting” going on!”

Father of twins

“I use the techniques on my partner/colleagues and friends and get as much success with adults as I do with my twins.”

Full time working mother


28 Short Videos:

This course is split into seven topics consisting of four videos/ audios (each between 5-15 minutes). They are designed to fit easily into a busy day, so your home experiences positive changes immediately.

Course Outline:

Actionable Lesson Plans:

You’ll also get a workbook with exercises to help you reflect and put your learning into practice. Get ready to watch your home instantly shift into a place of peace!

These short lessons are self-paced and accessible anytime, anywhere. You can also repeat them whenever you need to revisit a topic with LIFETIME access!

The course includes recommendations for further reading and practical resources, if you want to dive in deeper and learn more.

Ready to get started?

This investment in your child’s future costs just one payment of £199


You and your child deserve a deeply connected relationship and a happy home! Don’t wait to take this first step.

This course is 100% guaranteed to have a substantial impact on your approach to parenting, improve you relationship with your child and your child’s future, if you are willing to take on board the strategies shared and put them into action. To see real results, you need to be open-minded and willing to implement change.
If the course does not match your expectations, please share your thoughts and feedback and we can have an open conversation about a refund within the first 7 days of purchasing.

This Course is not for you…

  • If you are looking for a quick fix and not willing to invest time in your relationship or adjust your current approach.
  • If you think your child is the only one that needs to change: transforming family life starts with adults, not children.
  • If you believe in a controlling, authoritarian style of parenting and think that children should be seen and not heard.
  • If you care more about what other people think, than having the confidence to know that you are the greatest expert on your child.
  • If you are looking to be a ‘perfect’ parent. There is no such thing – we are aiming for ‘good enough’.
  • If you are looking for someone to tell you precisely what to do. You will learn how to trust your own instincts and do what is best for your child, your family and your individual circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course suitable for?

Anyone who has responsibility for caring for a child or has a connection with a child: parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, childminders etc. 

The skills are applicable to all ages from toddlers through to late teens and beyond.  In fact they are common sense communication skills that can improve all relationships, including with partners or colleagues at work.

Applicable to both neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

The course is suitable for parents who believe that change is possible and are willing to experiment and put in the work to get results.

I don’t have any time - How long does the course take to complete?

I know how busy parents are but think how much time you will save in the long run, if you get into less battles with your child. Less arguing, repeating, justifying and reminding, more time connecting and enjoying each other.

The course is a total of 7 modules.

Each module is broken down into x4 chunks, around 5-15 minutes long, so it takes roughly 7 hours in total to complete. Plus further time to engage with the follow up exercises.

Everyone has their own way of learning and processing information.

We recommend completing 1 module a week, giving yourself time to pause, reflect and apply the strategies suggested before moving onto the next module.

I don’t have any major issues with my children, so how will this course help me?

Some parents join the course because they are facing some real challenges with their children and are desperately seeking solutions.  Others have no specific concerns but just want to know how to get the very best out of their children.  Parenting is after all the hardest job in the world with the least amount of training.

I have read lots of parenting books and tried other courses but nothing works

I have worked with countless families who have tried numerous techniques without success. It is easy to read a book or listen to a talk but much harder to put the skills into practice.

Everything I suggest is tried and tested and based on my unique practical experience in the classroom with hundreds of children, raising my own 4 children and supporting 10,000s parents around the world.

I am realistic, relatable and an ‘imperfect’ parent. There is so much free advice and endless resources online but it can take countless hours to trawl through it. I have done all the hard work for you and have loads of hands on experience. I am not reinventing the wheel. This course packages up a selection of the very best parenting skills that are simple, highly effective, practical, realistic, transformative and proven to get results.

What if my partner has a totally different approach or if we are separated?

Undoubtedly the most powerful results are when both parents or other caregivers adopt a ‘united front’ and are on the same page.  However, very often couples or those separated are not aligned, which often goes all the way back to your own childhood and how you were parented.

If you start adopting the strategies and see substantial benefits and improvements to your relationship with your child, usually in time, the other parent / caregiver takes notice and is inspired to achieve the same.

How will I know that it’s working?

The first step to making progress begins with you.

This course will encourage you to change your perspective and become more conscious of how you interact and engage with your child.

You will feel calmer, more in control and self-aware.

You relationship with your child will improve, as they will feel more heard and understood.  This will lead to more co-operation and fewer meltdowns.

Achieve Lasting Transformation For Yourself, Your Child, and Your Home Today!

Now that you are aware of a tried and tested solution to guide and support you with THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB YOU WILL EVER HAVE, what are you waiting for?

Yes I want:

⭐️ To feel more confident, in charge and less overwhelmed

⭐️ To have a deep, connected relationship with my child

⭐️ My child to be ‘set up for success’ and get the best out of life

⭐️ Practical tried and tested strategies to stay calm