Really informative discussion with an experienced professional who gave me some superb suggestions on moving forward.

I really wanted to hear more – 1 hour wasn’t enough so I am booking another consultation.

Very clear, practical advice that will make a real difference to me and my family.

Great thought provoker. I got a mind blowingly simple take-away that I will be applying today and ongoing, as I really think it will help me. Thank you!!

It’s fantastic to have access to high quality, professional advice on all matters to do with children. I used the service to discuss difficulties I was having with getting my daughter to study independently. The service helped me to understand why my daughter behaved in the way she did and I received lots of very helpful tips on how to approach the situation.

I had a very good chat with an expert about raising a trilingual child. She was very friendly, very knowledgeable and gave me excellent tips.