I thoroughly enjoyed the whole seminar.  The speaker is so engaging.  Establishing a homework routine was most helpful and I don’t feel alone when parents spoke about the resistance they see when they mention the word ‘homework’.stare_steet

I just wanted to say thank you for your seminars this year. I have attended them all and I really look forward to them. I have a nearly 4 year old and a 17 month old and your advice has really helped navigate the moods of my strong, spirited 4 year old!  I always leave after the hour motivated and reassured that I can do this parenting thing- you should really write a book!yes

Very interactive.  The discussion and advice was very much on point.  I could relate to everything being said.

The speaker was obviously very knowledgeable in the subject and her hints and tips were very valuable speaking from both a parent and teacher perspective.

You delivered a highly engaging and practical session on how to make homework stress free for working parents.  The session provided useful background about the purpose of homework, set out clearly the role of parents and provided practical and reassuring tips of how to make homework a more rewarding experience for both child and parent.  We have received such positive feedback from members of the EPWN