An insight into how children learn to read and the best way to approach this whole area for very young children.  It was superb and I gained tremendous

To be honest I had no expectations at all but I gained a huge amount.  There were some amazing ideas on helping children with writing.  I am looking forward to my daughter getting older so I can try some of them

I came away feeling a lot more comfortable and confident about school work and better prepared to support and encourage my

The numeracy matters seminar surpassed my expectations.  Rachel knows her stuff and presents it very well.  I liked the pace of her delivery.  This is the best Citi parent’s workshop I have attended.  Very impressed that Rachel encourages questions and contact after the course.

I learnt so much about how maths is taught and how to help my step son in a fun, engaging way.frshfirlds

I just wanted to thank you for your time today. It’s tough cramming such extensive topics into such a short period of time, it’s also difficult when a high percentage of the audience have time pressures of lunch.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and thank you very much for your

The practical examples made the concept of using them not so scary.  I want to go off to Staples for some coloured card.  I feel like a big kid myself now!credit

My expectations were more than matched.  Before I started I thought I might leave half way through but the session turned out just perfect!  All aspects were equally valuable and all put in simple rose

The information on reading with my children is going to help me no end, as working in London and commuting for over 3 hours each day eats into my precious times with my children.  Thanks again for the wealth of information today.standard chartered

Some reassurance that what I am trying to do works.

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