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Sibling Harmony

How to foster sibling harmony

See video below for a simple way to encourage your children to get on better, particularly over the long Summer holidays.


Examples of Descriptive Praise for positive sibling interactions

Look out for any examples of sharing, team work, patience, not interrupting, not reacting physically, problem solving, being considerate and thoughtful.

“You are both being so friendly to each other and really sharing those felt tips.”

“It is so lovely to watch you playing basketball together and Zoe you are not getting upset when the ball doesn’t go into the net.”

“For ten minutes you haven’t said one annoying thing to your sister.  That shows real self –control.”

“Even though you are really angry, you didn’t hit but were able to explain with words how you feel.”

“You worked out a fair way to decide what TV programme to watch even though you both like different things.”

“It was so generous of you to share your crisps with Ella after she dropped hers on the floor.  That was really thoughtful of you.”

“We’ve been in the car for 20 minutes and you haven’t argued once.  It is such a pleasure to be with you three.”

“I love being with you when you are not squabbling.”